Sydans Apartments and Villas

Anguilla is laid back - no high-rise resorts, no casinos, no cruise ship crowds, no noisy jet skis. Just perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and an uspoiled ocean. What tropical fish will I see snorkelling or diving?
Dougie, dive master!

Do you want to go scuba diving? There are several dive shops in Anguilla, but the most convenient for you, and the best (according to many people), is Dougie Carty ( who operates out of Sandy Ground village. See Dougie's smiling face to the right!
A local fishing boat This isn't just a sanitized "tourist" beach, this is a true Caribbean beach, where local fisherman tie their boats, and will take you out to check the lobster pots, if you ask nicely.

I'm convinced. Sydans in Sandy Ground is right for me. Where do I make a reservation? Click here for rates and reservations...

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